International Art Residency in Taiwan, East Asia. Connect with local indigenous arts and crafts.


Based on the Artist's needs and vision, we will connect them with local studios, resources, and materials. During your stay you will also experience the local lifestyle, environment, and culture. Artists who use natural materials are especially welcomed to residence with us. 


Residency periods can be between 2 to 6 weeks long. For every 3 weeks in residency artists are expected to join an event involved with the local environment or Austronesian culture. Art residencies are not limited to only those who have graduated in the fine arts, but everyone must include their reason to stay, creation plan, and artist resume/CV in the application.


The residency is also open to artists who have not had any exhibitions. But these artists will need to have a focus on Austronesian culture or issues during their stay with the Dawn Residence Program.


$1000 TWD per day includes

  • A private room in our residence house
  • Connecting you with local studios and materials  
  • Organizing and promotion of workshops and exhibitions

Price does NOT include cost of materials for artists works, food, or transportation


Fill out our contact form and tell us about the type of residency you would like to apply for.

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Located in the small peaceful Amis village of Shaoma, artists can get a feel of the local life while working on their projects. 

The house has two private bedrooms with AC, kitchen, large living room/workspace with AC, outdoor patio/workspace, two toilets, and a shower room. 

Nearby attractions include

  • Duli Visitor Center (3 minute drive)

 A large open space with a panoramic view of the the pacific, an informative interactive museum, and cafe. This is the area that hosts the annual Moonlit Sea Concerts.

  • Donghe Village (3 minute drive)

A popular village amongst the surfers.  In addition to the nice waves there is the old bridge over large limestone boulders and the famous baozi shop.

  • Chenggong Town (12 minute drive)

A fishing town where you can visit the fish market, drive into the mountains for a spectacular hike to a waterfall, or go to the beach and walk across the famous Sanxiantai bridge for a hike on the small island.

  • Dulan Village (12 minute drive)

This village has become a haven for artists, both local and international, to come and call home. The abandoned Sugar Factory has been rejuvenized with art studios, a recording studio, and bar that hosts live performances on the weekends.